An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets

2012 is NOW!  But when does the Mayan Long Count Calendar really end?

Everyone is asking, “How do we prepare for 2012?”  To answer such a question with authority and credibility it would be helpful to understand a little bit more about the overall context of 2012, as well as some significant misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the Mayan calendar and the 2012 phenomenon. Most importantly, it would seem essential to establish the actual Mayan Long Count timeline as it parallels the Gregorian Calendar.

The commonly held understanding is that the Mayan Long Count is a 5125 year-long calendrical cycle beginning somewhere between 3113 and 3115 BC.  What appears to be sacred in this school of thought is the 5125 year period which defines the length of the Long Count calendar.  However, the precise starting point is obviously up for discussion, as it has been the subject of lively debate by the experts for many years.  The key point here is that the start date necessarily determines the end date of the Long Count. Therefore, whoever first arrived at December 21, 2012* must have identified August 11, 3114 BCE (Proleptic Gregorian calendar) as the “zero date” of the Long Count calendar. 

*December 21, 2012 is often rendered as in the Mayan Long Count calendar which simply refers to the end and beginning of a major calendrical cycle, as well as many minor cycles within the Long Count. It positively does not refer to the end of the world or the end of time. Since the current universe will continue to exist in a space time continuum – where change is the rule of each and every day – time will continue to be measured with a variety of chronological systems. Hence, we have, and will continue to have, well beyond 12/21/12 a plethora of calendars around the world, each marking their time in different ways and for different reasons. For their part the Mayan Timekeepers, also known as the Lords of Time, knew of a very unique and special time schedule by which the current Aryan race of humanity would be ushered through this Shift of the Ages.

Because of the spiral nature[1] of the Mayan Calendar and the various creation cycles (aka underworlds) contained therein, it is absolutely necessary for those who use this calendar as a predictive tool to have these two dates (start and end dates) conclusively fixed.  This task becomes particularly formidable because of the nearly 5125 years of intervening history, and passage of time – time that was not always kept track of properly or was purposely changed in the history books to accommodate any given agenda.

Given all the unknowns about the Gregorian Calendar alone and the notorious handling of the year “0” which distinguishes BC from AD, one can easily imagine all the opportunities for miscalculations as well as the consequences to all calendars which were created and passed down through centuries subsequently.  Wherever the various inaccurate calendrical systems were utilized or cross-referenced by different cultures, civilizations or nations, we see the obvious likelihood that errors were introduced into the process of nailing down with complete certainty the first day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

Even though this task is quite difficult to do with absolute precision by anyone – expert or layperson – many authorities on the Mayan Calendar seem to express their knowledge about the end date in seemingly categorical terms.  Here is a small sampling of opinions from those authors who are considered to be authorities on different aspects of the 2012 Mayan Calendar phenomenon.  As follows:

2012 Statements By:                     Proposed Long Count End Date

(1) Carl Johan Calleman                                  28 October 2011

(2) Jose Arguelles                                                25 July 2013

(3) John Major Jenkins                                    December, 2012

(4) Terence McKenna                                   21 December 2012

(5) Daniel Pinchbeck                                                  2012

(6) David Wilcock                                           21 December 2012

(7) Barbara Hand Clow                                  21 December 2012

(8) Gregg Braden                                           21 December 2012

If we have misrepresented any of the aforementioned positions, we sincerely invite those authors (or their appointed representatives as in the case of both Terence McKenna and Jose Arguelles who are deceased) to advise us accordingly, and we will make the appropriate corrections.  This is a very weighty subject which has great significance and far-reaching ramifications for the whole of humankind, so we do seek to get it right.

Just how do we determine, with a high degree of accuracy, the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar?

Toward that end we are compelled to seek the wisdom of the East, and especially those spiritual traditions which are scripturally informed about these matters.  We refer specifically to those ancient sacred texts, the Puranas, and especially the Srimad Bhagavatam which acknowledge the cycles of the descending yugas.  We know that there is a natural progression (or perhaps retrogression is a more apt description) of eras which starts with the Golden Age (aka Satya Yuga) which ultimately gives way to the Silver Age (Treta Yuga).  This is followed by the Bronze Age (Dwapara Yuga) which eventually devolves into the last and final one known as the Kali Yuga* or Iron Age, the end of which is where we now find ourselves as a planetary civilization.

Sandhee translates to “Dawn”; Sandhyansa translates to “Twilight”

*Kali Yuga is quite often erroneously referred to as a 432,000 year period by scholars who are simply repeating a gross miscalculation in the underlying mathematics of the relevant scriptural pronouncements on the cyclic progression of the yugas.  The actual duration of Kali Yuga has been determined to be somewhere between 5000 and 5200 years long not including its dawn and twilights periods.  Alain Danielou offers an authoritative treatment of this subject matter in his book entitled “While The Gods Play”.

As for the significant correlations to Mayan calendrics, we are forced to point out that the Kali Yuga is universally known to begin with the day of that Lord Krishna passed from this earth plane.  Lord Krishna was known as a major incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the three primary deities of the Hindu Trinity.  His day of departure has been calculated to be somewhere between 3102 to 3125 BC which would place him in the exact time frame when many believe the Mayan Long Count began.  Therefore, our thesis provides a very good frame of reference for determining the exact start date of the Long Count. If we can pinpoint the year and day of Lord Krishna’s passing, we may very well have identified the first day of the Mayan Calendar. Whereas the exact end date is of paramount importance and can only be determined by this start date, we are greatly encouraged by this historical clue left to us by one of the most widely known incarnations of the Lord ever to walk the Earth.

This is critical information for anyone intending to utilize the revelatory knowledge of the Mayan Calendar as guideposts, especially during the extraordinary compression of time which occurs during the Galactic Creation Cycle.  The ebb and flow of the energies emanating from the Great Central Sun (aka the Galactic Core or Galactic Center) of the Milky Way will begin to accelerate and wash over Mother Earth in a rapid succession of increasingly more powerful cosmic waves.  The time flows, particularly during this period, will be quite telling for those wishing to fully collaborate with this unprecedented evolutionary process.

Likewise, the time warp, which characterizes the Universal Creation Cycle as the turning inside out of the 3rd Density* space time continuum takes place, points directly to the cosmic nexus known as zero point (what is effectively the termination point of the Universal Underworld).  It would be quite helpful, especially for those who expect to fall over the event horizon at zero point, to know that their lives will not be sucked into a black hole as prophesied by some. Of course, at that exact moment in time and beyond it is asserted by many that existence in the newly emerged realm of 5th density will be one lived entirely in the present moment, also known as the eternal NOW.

*Many suggest that planet Earth will actually exist in a 4th Density reality during the later phase of the Galactic Creation Cycle before the Universal Creation Cycle even begins to make its presence felt.

However, we still face the dilemma represented by the various timelines shown above. For example, the divergence of the positions between Carl Johan Calleman and Jose Arguelles is so significant that one must reconcile them if one wants to align with the very powerful and dynamic energies of the Galactic Creation Cycle (aka Galactic Underworld).  This particular cycle is approximately 4680 days or 12.8 years in duration and therefore relatively short compared to the entire time spiral of the Mayan Long Count.  When the Galactic Underworld actually ends is of great importance, since the Universal Creation Cycle, which is only 260 or 234 days in length depending on which source one consults, occurs throughout the final 260/234 days of the Galactic Creation Cycle. The outworking of the highly accelerated energies of the Universal Underworld are simply too inexplicable to describe.  Nevertheless, understanding the real time frames as they manifest will be both critical and indispensable for those who wish to fully align and cooperate with the extraordinary energies associated with the Universal Creation Cycle. It is during these upcoming and very interesting times when everyone will be greatly served by knowingly being in the flow of universal time.

In light of the fact that Carl Johan Calleman[2] and Jose Arguelles[3] have identified end dates which are at the greatest variance from each other, we call upon them (and their representatives) to reconcile this difference.  Both cannot be correct at the same time, and they both depart from December 21, 2012 by a quite substantial period of time. There do seem to be very specific reasons that each has chosen their pre-ordained end date; may we ask for a public airing of the reasoning behind their well thought out decisions on this highly consequential matter?

Please be aware that this discussion does not in any way confer special status on 12/21/12, in spite of the fact that this particular date seems to have been chosen by those who have purposefully chosen the Winter Solstice of 2012[4]; unless they can present a very good justification for throwing the initial stake into the Mayan soil (start date) based on what? Remember, the Mayan Calendar start date determines the end date.  We are not aware of any wiggle room on this particular point. Nonetheless, Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, the 13th generation Maya Kiche spiritual leader and head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala has this to say about the Mayan Long Count End Date:

We do not know the exact day when this will happen, we only know that we are getting close, which could be another fifty or hundred years from now“. (Per this email from Carl Johan Calleman dated February 11, 2011)

In reality, the end date of the Mayan Long Count is considered very sacred knowledge, as those who harbor such information can use it for a variety of purposes, both benevolent and otherwise. Therefore, we take the position that none of the dates proffered over the last many decades are correct.  Simply put, this knowledge falls squarely into the domain of the Divine, as well as those rare and very special human instruments who have been entrusted to reveal it in the right moment.

The Mayan Prophets ought to consider deeply contemplating the central points of this thesis.  Before they let drop the fruit of their contemplation into the field of the public domain, they might first reflect upon just how much is at stake for the planet and humanity.  Truly, the answers to the questions posed herein are some of the most telling and consequential of the age.

Mayan Calendar/2012 Research Group

Author’s Note:
There are three points of information which may require further elucidation, especially for those uninitiated in the realm of Mayan Calendrics.
(i) The Mayan Long Count Calendar is but one cycle of time, as well as a system of analyzing the energies associated with this particular span of time, which has been attributed directly to the ancient Mayan Civilization of Central America. The true end of this specific calendar, whenever it actually does occur, does not signify the end of time; it is merely the end of a particular cycle (the Mayan Long Count Calendar in this case). Therefore, the world will not end, time will not cease to exist, and a new cycle will begin as they always have from time immemorial. Perhaps there is another Mayan calendrical system that will be revealed to the world upon the completion of the Long Count. Regardless, the Mayans have demonstrated the greatest ability in creating chronological systems (of both time flows and their corresponding energies) that the world has ever seen.

(ii) Some of the terminology in this essay contains concepts which have been uniquely created, and widely disseminated, by Carl Johan Calleman. For instance the notion of the various Underworlds being analogous to the respective creation cycles was first advanced by Dr. Calleman and has no similar expression within the ancient lore and glyphs of the Indigenous Mayan Peoples. We utilize it here because so many Mayan calendar students have closely followed his work through several books that he has published on this and related topics. With extraordinary correlation each subsequent Cycle of Creation does represent a higher level of consciousness development according to Calleman’s central thesis; just as the synchronous evolution of the advancing Underworlds clearly illustrate the manifestation of the ever-changing energy fields and newly emerging patterns of the grand cosmic plan. The source of these extremely dynamic and transformative energies is thought by some to be the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way galaxy. Many of these same cosmologists consider our Galactic Center to be the original womb of our solar system and therefore the primordial mother of Planet Earth. Therefore, each of the seven races of humanity (ours being the 7th) who have inhabited her also share the same cosmological source.

(iii) The approximately 26,000 year period known as the precession of the equinox is not explicitly mentioned within the body of knowledge associated with the Mayan Calendar and Cosmology. However, it just so happens that this axial precession appears to complete a full cycle during the same quite narrow period of time in which the Long Count calendar ends. This subjective termination point also appears to synchronize with the closing of the Iron Age, known as Kali Yuga in the East. These observations have been made by some researchers including this author, but are not being presented in this discussion as accepted fact or having been gleaned from the study of Mayan artifacts, archaeology or glyphs. For a more thorough treatment of these potential connections please click on the following article: Why the Maya Picked 2012: The Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun and the Sacred Tree Over the Maya

[1] The most basic and truest pattern of the unfoldment of time seems to most closely resemble the shape of a spiral. Just as the Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, time appears to unfold in the space-time continuum as an ever-tightening spiral which will inevitably come to a zero point when the outworking of the cosmic plan has reached its conclusion. As the diagram below clearly in indicates, each passing day does bring relentless and inevitable change accompanied by an expenditure of both time and energy. This universal process would then necessarily point to periodic episodes of decay followed by collapse and then rejuvenation in the same manner as the four yugas follow one another. A Golden Age therefore can only follow an Iron Age, just as the phoenix of the Satya Yuga emerges from the ashes of the Kali Yuga. What makes the Mayan Calendar so unique, powerful and reflective of the reality on the ground compared to the traditional linear, uni-directional and static calendars that predominate the globe? The spiral substratum makes for a wonderfully dynamic, multi-diminesional and fluid organism, one pregnant with the infinite possibilities held within each moment of time. Truly, Mayan calendrics represents the perfect fusion of art and science as it takes its place as the world’s preeminent and peerless chronological system.

[2] In the case of Carl Calleman’s date of 28 October 2011, it is understood that the Universal Underworld commences around February 11 of this year (Carl has also offered March 9th as the start of this period based on the 234 day long ninth wave).  Therefore, given what we expect to occur during the Universal Creation Cycle, the Calleman scenario predicts the most meteoric changes and greatest compression of time ever experienced by the current race of humanity … all to begin occurring within a month’s time!  And ending on October 28 as the entire planet enters a new reality, where the space time continuum is transformed into a 5th Density realm of existence.
Should the extremely powerful and rapid ebb and flow of these cosmic energies not manifest according to the theory advanced by Carl’s recent paper, The Mayan Calendars and the Nine+Nine-day Count, we trust that a very good explanation will be offered to his worldwide audience.
In the meantime we do highly recommend a thorough reading of Carl’s outstanding work on Mayan calendrics and cosmogony entitled The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.  It presents a compelling correlation between the various creation cycles and the actual historical record which the Mayan calendar had foreseen with remarkable accuracy.

Carl Calleman’s Timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness by Underworld

[3] Jose Arguelles, who just recently passed away, deserves much credit for bringing to light the awesome legacy of the Mayan Time Lords.  Jose was prominently configured in creating the “world’s first globally synchronized meditation” known as the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987.  This single event was instrumental in seeding the planetary consciousness with many of the key concepts of Mayan cosmology as well as the predictive power of the Mayan calendar.  His ground-breaking book, Time and the Technosphere, is as prophetic as any of the past century. Both the BP Gulf oil spill disaster of 2010 and Japan nuclear catastrophe of 2011 stand as testaments to his extraordinary prescience (via the Mayan Long Count Calendar). Likewise, his penetrating insights and astute perceptions concerning the wisdom gifted to humanity by the Mayan Lords of Time across several disciplines is very impressive.

[4] Some authors have referred to a unique but regularly occurring galactic alignment, which might determines the exact timing of the upcoming “2012 phenomenon”. This epoch-defining alignment, they say, occurs approximately every 26,000 years (actually 25,920 years) when the winter solstice sun on December 21st is said to perfectly align with the Galactic equator, specifically at the end of the past four precessional cycles (each one being approx. 6500 years long). This astronomically dictated alignment is also known as the Origin of a new cycle or next 26,000 year period determined by the same Great Celestial Conjuction (Click on this link for a detailed explanation). However, identifying the true center of the Milky Way Galaxy has proven to be quite difficult even for the very best astronomers; adding to that is the necessary precision required when determining the placement of the Sacred Tree over the Maya which is such a critical component of the 12/21/12 prophecy.
Some astrophysicists theorize that the Galactic Center (the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy) is occupied by a supermassive black hole whose mass is equal to 1.5% of the entire mass of the galaxy. Because the Galactic Core is a black hole, it is also quite difficult to hone in on for the purposes of determining the exact conjunction with our sun at the galactic plane. John Major Jenkins fully acknowledges the challenges involved with a definitive placement of the galactic core, which therefore makes it virtually impossible to time the exact moment of galactic alignment. Perhaps the twenty-five year period offered by some commentators is a good attempt to capture the sweep of time within which this momentus galactic transit takes place. The Harmonic Convergence of ’87 may then prove to be the initial cracking of this 25 year window, should 2012 bring the Cosmic Convergence which some are predicting.

View of the Galactic Core as seen from Joshua Tree National Park

Perhaps 2012 is a cosmic meme of sorts implanted into the collective psyche of humanity as a wake up call for what really is around the proverbial corner. In which case the exact end date of the Long Count really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the true significance of the awesome and sacred time we’re living in. When telescoping back through history, especially the past 100 years, it is easy to recognize the ever-increasing and meteoric changes that have taken place. It is also easy to see how the information age, particularly with the advent of the internet, has accelerated the speed of planetary flux, in some spheres of life jumping from an arithmetic or geometric progression to an exponential one. Might these ‘interesting times’, marked by such profound and fundamental change, reflect a divinely ordained crucible of transformation for each of us to utilize for our soul’s deepest purpose?

We conclude this first installment by proposing the following:
That the meme known as 2012 signifies an evolutionary threshold through which transcendent leaps of consciousness for all of humankind can be experienced that were heretofore inconceivable.
That 2012 represents a cosmic junction point and unparalleled window of opportunity for profound spiritual development for the many incarnate souls who have been ripened by the formidable challenges of these “endtimes”.
That the entire 2012 phenomenon is serving as a grace period of preparation for this long awaited and unprecedented Shift of the Ages, as many New Age schools of thought and mystical religious traditions have recognized.
The triple convergence of Kali Yuga coming to a close, a 26,000 year precessional cycle ending and the Mayan Long Count Calendar reaching its conclusion all point to a new beginning as much as the closing of an era. As the dawn of this new epoch continues to approach, it appears more than ever that humankind is being encouraged to raise a new civilization from the ashes of the old one. Not too unlike the phoenix of ancient lore rising from the ashes of its funeral pyre … ascending to greater heights as a result of the true knowledge and wisdom wrought from the crucible of earthly experience.

To be continued –

© 2012 Cosmic Convergence 2012
Permission is granted to post this essay as long as it is linked back to the following url:

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80 Responses to An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets

  1. How we respond moment to moment, as debris from the past surfaces to purify and make way for a new world fast approaching, is most critical. Scientifically we know that beliefs, thoughts, words, actions and feelings are Power, which draw to us an identical energetic experience. In other words, we reap what we sow. The sooner we go within our individual selves and intentionally align Body Mind Soul Unconditional Love as one, the least resistance, stress and fear. The more we are naturally motivated by Love and focus only the positive, the more prepared we will be and the smoother our transition out of darkness into Light.

    • Alex says:

      Yes. The focus is already on the now, NOW. If it is on the “now”, LATER, that is not the NOW. It seems like a minute point to everyone but those who have ever rested in the now. But I’ve rested in it, and when it happens (it sounds funny to say that), but when it happens… WOW.

      But the Ego kicks back in and generates the causal spiral of space-time projections around the materially embedded self, and then the “loop” appears. Among elements of this loop is “waiting around” for a “big day” to come. But if dark programming is as potentially vast as some of the egos I’ve met (or seen in the mirror…), then it can easily make one believe that this is the first time one’s soul has been at this crossroads, and can do so in a very powerful way, so that one is thinking “ah, here we are, ALMOST at the END of it all…. YAY” or else the negative version where now you have to cringe at the end of it all and join a “survival group” and start stocking up and honing your tactics and strategies for dealing with hordes of the less-prepared.

      So the loop crunches in and lays the plot out for the mind to sink its thoughts into, and the net, the cage gets tighter…

      But all we have to do is TRULY ENTER the NOW, NOW…

      I’m going to go do that NOW…


      Ok, now…. no, now…. 😛

    • dethray says:

      the voyager space craft which JPL sent out 30 years ago in different directions (still operational)have reached the edge of the solar system last Dec-they have enter a huge plasma belt,maybe 200 million miles long,unknown how deep-the jury is still out on the ramifications-it has been determined the solar system goes thru this belt once every 26000 years-there was a NASA guy posting on this-it was not good-his site is gone-any other credible posting were only saying “this could be interesting”.time to party like its 2099?

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  3. James says:

    When the receptors within the individual are activated then will be the sign of the first wave.

  4. Baba Ganush says:

    Did you ever notice that when you put the words “now” and “here” together you get “nowhere”???

    • hybridrogue1 says:

      Have you ever noticed anytime you say it is “now” it is true?

      • Alex says:

        On a serious note, all kids seem to either think that game up or being willing to play along with those who think it up and lead them into it. We like to “hunt for the now” and we marvel at its “passing”…

        Children are all natural yogas, if only we cared notice…

        Or maybe that was just me and a some others I never met, but I project that all kids do like to do it. Anyhoo, I think they could be easily shown this, and it would be natural for them, and it could be taught to them as their central exercise for concentration and personal identity… an identity that is only now…. WOW… Now that would have to be a special kind of ego, one that always keeps the best of itself and adapts well even to the worst of circumstances…

        So I say to myself “not this, not this” and yet, I’m just saying “realize reality now”….”now”… “now”…

        Then it is just something else… thoughts are gone, but there is only attention that is soft, like a happy feeling that is so natural…

        And then I have to go to work! AHHHHHHH….

        Now if I could just take it with me to work… God, this is the real work, to take our true selves out to the world, everywhere, and to lose our fears that it will not let us be this true self, when in fact like magic it will be recreated in this True Self’s image…


      • hybridrogue1 says:

        hey I like that thing on NOW…I relate to it.

        I have been in touch with the kid in me my whole life…in fact he’s here NOW…


    • Alex says:

      Hehe, that’s cool. A perfect joke.

    • Randje says:

      Yes I have. Your point is……?

  5. hybridrogue1 says:

    (4) Terrence McKenna: 16 November 2012

    Since Terrence is dead, I thought I would make note here.
    Time Wave Zero is McKenna’s design. He has placed Dec. 21, 2012 as the ‘End Date’ to his algorithm .
    Where do you get the 16 November date as McKenna’s?

    I have had both the DOS version and the Windows version of TWZ going on 20 plus years, and I have never heard of the date you mention here as McKenna’s.

    As anyone who understands the formulation of the Timewave, it has more to do with the I Ching, as its algorithm. The shape and nature of the wave in based on that entirely. It is only the placement of the wave as per calendarics that has to do with the Mayan calendar.

    At any rate, from my point of view, all of this is; maybe yes–maybe no–but certainly maybe.
    And, since this is the 21st century, I don’t see how the existing ‘Mayans’, being creatures of this century and well steeped in western mind sets can have anything more or less valuable to add to this mystery than any other.
    ~Willy Whitten

    • Mayan Calendar/2012 Research Group says:

      Thank you, WW.
      Correction made, although we do have a record for TM for the previous date.

  6. GAZKAZ says:

    I am no scholar on the Mayan long count calendar.
    But ” if ” as I recollect, they predicted all the various eclipses to date, might be a clue there.

  7. Pyrrho says:

    Dear people, just go about your businesses in peace, for you are going to be around for a long time yet. The end of the world is not yet, neither in 2012 nor in 3012. Mother earth will continue to revolve around the sun as it has been doing for countless ages with no disruption or hindrance, unless we, ourselves, blow the whole thing to kingdom come. End of the world prophecies are as old as man himself. The Mayan calculations is just another shot in the dark.

    • hybridrogue1 says:

      Peter and the Wolf…

      Yea, but eventually the wolf came…hmm?

      Like I said, maybe yes maybe no.

      It is those who are so certain one way or another who delude themselves.

      • Rabbit says:

        “It is those who are so certain one way or another who delude themselves.”

        And that is about as true as it gets.

  8. abubaqar says:

    you people should not worry unduly about 2012, the world will not end then. in islam we are told that at the end of history there will be a terrible slavery of the human race into false beliefs after which period jesus the son of mary will descend to bring peace and justice to the world as much as there is tyranny and oppression being promoted by westerners today! he will kill the antichrist (dajjal) in LOD in israel from where he will try to rule the world.
    he will live for 40 years and marry, have children after which he will be buried next to the prophet mohammed (pbuh) which he had predicted in his sojourn on earth. there is a grave already made for jesus (pbuh) from 1430 years ago in medina next to the prophet mohammeds (pbuh) grave.

    i do not believe we will be here to see all that, so do not worry, worship your creator, believe in him, his books and angels, his messengers and the resurrection, eternal life will be yours godwilling!

    • ajay says:

      100% truth….. the world will not end 2012

    • D says:

      “There will be a terrible slavery of the human race into false beliefs.”

      I would say that the human race has been enslaved already by false beliefs. Money, power, material possessions and false idols have enslaved humanity. The toil of the many goes to the “fortunate” few…2012…it is time.

  9. Kevin says:

    What are all the believers going to do when 21 December, 2012 comes and goes just like any other day?

    All of this reminds me of the new years eve 2000 hype where the entire computer grid of the world was going to collapse and cause havoc. (rolls eyes)

    • Pyrrho says:

      [i]”What are all the believers going to do when 21 December, 2012 comes and goes just like any other day?”[/i]

      Back to the drawing board like the JWs on Christ’s 2nd coming

  10. JJ says:

    This is just another distraction to keep the sheeple from focusing on what is going right in front of their faces right NOW.

    Who has time for this junk? I can tell you I’m far too busy just trying to feed myself and stay healthy than to spend countless hours/years studying this crap. The only people who have the luxury of such time to spend on this junk are the one’s creating the controversy. Follow the money… ask ANYONE who spends a great deal of time on ANYTHING how they can afford to live by doing it? WHO PAYS THEM?

    • hybridrogue1 says:

      “Follow the money… ask ANYONE who spends a great deal of time on ANYTHING how they can afford to live by doing it? WHO PAYS THEM?”

      I have spent 40 plus years studying poli-sci, intelligence analysis, social engineering and epistemology–while at the same time having a full time career as a special effects artist in the film industry. I have never made a single red cent on my time spent in study, but so it simply to gain knowledge.
      Your theory falls flat in the reality of things. Just because you spend your spare time “entertaining” yourself doesn’t mean that others don’t have a serious thirst for knowledge.

      “Most people don’t have the imagination for reality”~Goethe

      • Rabbit says:

        30 years doing the same in my case, and for the same thirst for knowledge. I am also busy with my business which provides a very comfortable living standard and still manage to find time to mow the lawns, grow my own vegetables and some fruit and be kind to rabbits.

        A lot of humans have been given far more brain capacity than they need in their lives it seems.

      • Rabbit says:

        I’m 48 and have spent 30 years doing the same, and for the same thirst for knowledge and inate curisoty. I am also busy with my business which provides a very comfortable living standard and still manage to find time to mow the lawns, grow my own vegetables and some fruit and be kind to rabbits.

        A lot of humans have been given far more brain capacity than they need in their lives it seems.

  11. Allen Wood says:

    All of this hyperbole is related to money. 12-21-2012 is a date on a calendar and nothing more. Anyone who tries to tell you that the world ends is either a liar, a person trying to scam, or a fool. I would say you could take that to the bank but it may be closed due to derivatives or total corruption, which by the way is normal.

  12. Dan says:

    Such a wide range of dates expressed above, from this October (2011) through 2013; have you (or anyone else) tried to reconcile this at all?

    But overall a well written and thought provoking article – thanks! Will forward on and tweet

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  14. Jiggs says:

    Well, let’s see. If I wanted to know when the Chinese calendar began, I’d ask a
    China-man. The Gregorian year 2011 is equivalent to the Chinese year 4708. So, the Chinese calendar “began” 4708 years ago (2697 bc). The Gregorian year 2011 is also equivalent to the Mayan year 5124 (3113 bc). How hard was that? Someone apparently asked a Mayan (no, they’re not all dead), hey, what year is it? I wasn’t there at the time, so I don’t know what year it was when someone asked, but like the Chinese calendar, whatever year it was, it had a corresponding Gregorian date. You count the number of years remaining on the Mayan calendar, add that number of years to the corresponding Gregorian calendar year, and presto change-o, the Mayan calendar “ends” in the Gregorian year “2012” (and “begins” again in 2013). Many people interpret “2012” as a kind of transitional “evolutionary” phase, related to, but not necessarily dependent on, the Mayan calendar. As I understand it, McKenna independently arrived at the 12-21-12 “end date” before he’d even heard of the Mayan calendar.

    • hybridrogue1 says:

      Thanks, you put that together very well.
      In many of McKenna’s lectures he spoke of the use of the Gregorian and the correlations with other systems.

      And the story of how McKenna came up with the date is one having to do with Ayawaska–which would surely flip the less imaginative and less experience here even more than they are already stretched. [pardon the mixed metaphore].
      At any rate, let’s say that he was guided to it, and “tipped off” to the Mayan information being something that he was after.

      • Randje says:

        The difference twixt 2012 and Y2k in this context (for those who can see beyond their mental noses) is quantum:
        The former, ancient by our longevity standards, is about highly complex cosmological cycles, and cycles-within-cycles, involving the Universe, ascension mechanics, and the nature of
        Creation itself. The theorems are not, of themselves, fear-based.
        Y2k sprang entirely from projected fear around the inadequacies and flawed nature of our most ‘sophisticated’ technologies. It arose at the 11th millenial hour, and had nothing whatever to do with philosophy, metaphysics or anything else substantive. It was purely tied to the possible temporary interruption of human commerce (Gawd forbid).
        One would have to modify the analogyfrom apples & oranges
        to…coconuts & gummy bears. Or something.

  15. paddy says:

    Remember Y2K? On January 1 2020, people will be laughing about 2012.
    But there will still be people trying to tell you that the end is nigh.
    For many years I have had religious people knocking on my door to tell me that the world is coming to and end and checking to see if I am “saved”.
    Right now on Shelbourne Street in Victoria, British Columbia the Jehovah’s witnesses are building a new church. These are the people who say the world is about to end, yet all they can do is build a church that will vanish. I’ll tell the jokes!
    They keep changing the date and matching it to some new world event. If I’m wrong I suppose I’ll be dead in 2012 so no point in getting stressed about it.

    • hybridrogue1 says:

      The people of feudal Europe thought things would always be the same too.
      Change is. Change is not only so but moving exponentially. I take you for a very small viewed individual.
      Not that there is anything in the Juvie Witnoids that I would defend, but in your presumptive attitude, which in my view quite naive while posing as quite clever and “enlightened”.

      I knew Y2K was a load of it when I started getting notices from the bank and my utilities that they were doing their best to make sure of a smooth transition. Why?, because almost anything “official” is utter BS.

  16. GS says:

    Here’s the thing ……………it’s a calendar. That’s it. Period.

    Doesn’t really matter what it counts off as far as the time period it’s covering. Once it gets to the end of its segment, a new segment starts from the beginning again. Just as we get new calendars for every “new” year, and the counting for that new year starts all over again.

  17. Just as prophesied in Revelation 11, the Two Witnesses have been found. If you go to we found them dot org , you can get the free info of scriptural facts that prove this. Please help us spread the word. thank you.

  18. anadianant says:

    Excellent. This discussion needs to be had. From my perspective, the thing we need to start paying attention to, is the quality of time as we experience it. Is it going faster? In that case, is 24 hours today shorter than it was a decade ago? 30 years ago? Again, most would instinctively say yes.
    So I believe that in this time of the compression of time, we may not have the luxury of date counts as pointers and probably do not need them.
    Gurdjieff said time is breath. brilliant eh? Time begins when you breathe your first and ends when you breathe your last. And then there is the cosmic breath.
    And everyone and everything is breathing faster now.
    The best visual is a copper penny accelerating into the black-hole of a spiral container. Faster and faster towards the center.
    A direct consequence of the approach of the singularity is the acceleration and then the cessation of time. Like the top of a pendulum’s swing…..pause between breaths.
    If what I read recently (and it rang true) is correct, we are going to be accelerating in geometric progression (a logarithmic spiral tightens very quickly towards it’s core).

    The answer, is to find your adrenaline control valve and pay attention to your breath. A date begins to look arbitrary pretty quickly.

    This is awesome!


  19. Pyrrho says:

    This hunting for the beginning of the Mayan Long Count reminds me of Bishop James Ussher’s quest to find the beginning of creation. After spending years studying various ancient sources he came to the conclusion that it all came to be in 4004 BC. In fact, he was so thourough in his calculations that he pin-pointed the night preceding Sunday, 23 October as the very time when all came about … and he was no fool.

  20. Alan Donelson says:

    As a friend and colleague of mine wrote back after I sent him some Doom & Gloom about 2012: See ya in 2013!

  21. Shallel says:

    I have found Calleman’s work to resonate deeply and living this calendar has helped me through these accelerating times. I recommend searching for Ian Lungold’s videos on youtube or at Calleman’s latest work suggests that the 9 Underworlds all end simultaneously on October 28th, 2011, so the Galactic Underworld doesn’t end when the Universal Underworld begins, but is the last 234 days of the Galactic Cycle.
    Hang on to your hats, folks we are evolving faster and faster. The Mayan Calendar is a geometric progression where time goes to zero as experience goes to infinity. If you look at this progression, it means that 99.9% of our evolution happens in the last 1/3 of a second. There’s an expansive thought!

  22. Consider that the ‘end date’ of 12/21/2012 is a count down to an event. We don’t know what that event is and since it lives in the future, it is up to us to decide. There is no doubt that ‘something’ will happen on that day even if that ‘something’ is NO THING. I have been living with the end date since 1974 when the revelation terrified me. I altered my life because of my belief that I would die at 58 years old. I realized that I was setting up my own body to self destruct and for the past year have begun the reversal that my avatar will indeed carry me through the end date and much more importantly, the BEGINNING DATE. Our focus needs to be on 2013 and the new beginning, not the contemplation of the END. For that is what it will indeed bee if we don’t start caring for our earth and its creatures. Not the end of the Earth, but the end of our human species once the insects are gone and the trees are cut down and the oceans are littered with plastic that kills the fish and the whales and the dolphins who share our dna. The message is not only to Be Here NOW, it is CARE HERE NOW.

  23. Alex says:

    If you are waiting for 2012, it will never come.

    If you are in denial about it, it has already passed.

    In either case, things for you will only get worse, because of your obsession.

    I hate to sound Ironclad about it, but that just happens to be the way it is. 2012 is a year, it is an idea. The end of the world is also an idea. The state you are supposed to “ascend” to, there’s another idea… The state you are in now… another idea….

    Finally you are going to just be, and then you don’t need to have an idea about that, and you always know exactly what you are saying and doing and why. You will not wait for a mysterious date, nor will you naysay it. Those two things are sure. Beware, at this point you may “naysay the naysayer of naysayers”… I would say to that “nay, you must not”.

  24. imhotep says:

    I do think I understand why the calender stops… because there will be no time, at least not how it is recorded now. The cycles and rotations change depth and pace as we discover new cycles. The earth is confirming the change, “birth pangs,” soon there will be little doubt from the most unaware. It will not be televised, however, for distraction is the enemy of the still and conscious. Thank the creator for allowing you to see him in action.

    peace and blessings

    • Shallel says:

      Yes, give thanks and praises!
      We are completing linear time, all will happen in the NOW moment.
      If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom have chosen themselves, He has shortened them.

      Choose to be a part of the birth of the New, do not be afraid of your grandest dreams of a peaceful new reality, an understanding of our long erased true, glorious history, and Oneness and Love you cannot yet fathom.

      Blessings Indeed!

    • Michael says:

      is this imhotep in Seattle?

  25. hybridrogue1 says:

    The deepest mystery is Time itself, wherein it takes a future to manifest that which is…and has always been.

  26. Wage Slave says:

    I’ve had dreams that were after “the change” and at “the change”. The change itself was barely perceptible, at least physically. I thought to myself that the air felt like winter, but not cold. Objects were a little more slippery (I touched a tree) but not from humidity. The big difference was that I loved everyone I met like a long lost friend. The illusion of separateness was gone. Life for everyone was better after that.

    • Shallel says:

      That’s beautiful WS, I envision it will be much like your dreams!
      Why wait peeps? Start living this right now – love everyone like a long lost friend! That will surely change the world!

      • Alex says:

        Actually, it is the ONLY thing that will change the world. It will both “change the world” and “bring us into contact” with the “higher world” (as he dreamed) because it is the WAY that that world comes into being. It is also the WAY we BECOME that world. Not just by the fact of doing it, but by the real energy of it. We also might say we PULL that world to us, as if it were real and attracted to us as our most appropriate future. This is the thought process people use ANYWAY when they think of the rewarding or aversive outcomes of actions, so it must apply here emminently. Good point. We simply transpose into that world by living it into our own, or perhaps living our own into it, like “changing” it into it, but “living” it into it… So that in this way living is a transitive verb.

  27. Sean says:

    What are peoples’ synopsis of how long ascension or recoding of our DNA will take? I don’t seeing it happening in a flash; I see it a long transition over many years.

    To prevent all the greed, what kind of economic system do you think will be in place?

    Great post thank you!

    • Randje says:

      Greed is but a symptom born of scarcity consciousness. Which itself is born of fear (of ‘not enough.’ ) As such, no economic system can ‘prevent’ or ‘cure’ it. Communism attempted this, being based ideologically on the collective good, but was instituted and administered by split, dysfunctional beings, and could not manifest beyond the consciousness of its practitioners. Being fully in the consciousness of Oneness engenders love. Perfect love casteth out fear. In such a state, the reality of Creation–abundance– is no longer obscured, and greed is not an issue.

  28. Gary Williams says:

    Why are people comparing 2012 to Y2k?
    Y2k was a potential computer glitch caused by PC’s that used 2 digit year dates.
    Since the potential problems were known most companies updated their PCs and had software fixes years before the year 2000. The worry was more about the idea that most companies would ignore the issue. Obviously they took care of the issues.

  29. Pingback: - An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets

  30. hybridrogue1 says:

    Fascinating article on lead up to 2012.
    Pretty deep stuff, not for the timid and unimaginative.

  31. Ross says:

    Irrefutably, Galactic Equatorial Alignment occurs on the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012.

    The Long Count of the Tzolkin ends, however, on February 12th 2013.

    The Tzolkin is a calender of the Solar System / Planet Earth’s orbit of Pleiades.

    The Solar System / Planet Earth is part of a thread of energy matter unravelling from the former Red Dwarf Sagitarius Galaxy and integrating with the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Inasmuch it is caught in orbit around the Pleiades Star Cluster/Nursery, yet has been orbitting Pleiades at a different angle to the curvacious plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, orbitting in and out of the Milky Way Galaxies light plane in approximately 26,000 year cycles with approximately 1,000 years within the light plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, 12,000 years out of it, 1,000 years within it and 12,000 years out of it – in past cycles, that is.

    This time, however, as the Solar System re-enters the light plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is experiencing gravitational alignment with the light plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, a process that will take approximately 1,000 years with a slight wobble out of that light plane before rapid wobble back into it with a dithering of that wobble to the eventual point of total, permanent alignment.

    i.e.: the “Marriage of the Bride and Bridegroom”, the “Union of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth”, the “1,000 years of Peace before the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth are One Forever and Ever”.

    The influence of presence within the light plane of the Milky Way upon the Solar System and Planet Earth includes reformation/proformation of the photomagnetics thereof as they interact with the greater spin forms of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Thus, significant meteorological, tectonic and genetic alteration oriented to greater resonance with the spin forms of the Milky Way Galaxy itself.

    How we potently “prepare for 2012” is by empowering our unity with the Planetary and Galactic Cores, inviting the alterative process of Galactic Integration rather than resisting it.

    Think of it like surfing a wave.

    If you become one with the wave, you have a more smooth and exhilarating experience carrying you from ocean to shore.

    If you resist the wave or fail to become one with it, you risk crashing on the reef or drowning in the ocean with greater struggle to reach the shore.

    The Tora Or Project provides a free tool to aid one in inducing personal, planetary and galactic atonement with the ideal model of Perpetual Growth Motion that is the pattern of evolution from photon to omniverse.

    You might well find it to be of immense worth in your “preparing for 2012” through willing atonement of one’s inner being and outer path with that of the Infinite and Eternal Way.

  32. David says:

    I can think of and relive the past now. Ponder the future now. All is now and life a state of now ness or so it seems. Perhaps nowhere is now here too. Once the words fade to vibrant frequencies of love leading to clarity the calm of now aligns my alleged world.

  33. Why the Maya Picked 2012

    To quickly and easily understand why the Maya picked the exact day of the winter solstice of 2012, just look at the actual astronomy that will unfold in the sky over the Maya on this precise day. What you see is that there will be a large cross in the sky with the sun virtually exactly in the middle of this cross. The Maya called this cross the sacred tree and it is one of the most important motifs in their folklore. At high noon, the horizontal crossbar contains (from left to right): Mars, Pluto, the Sun, Mercury and Venus and the Sun is virtually exactly in the middle of Mars and Venus. There is another crossbar that is 30 degrees shy of vertical and it is made up of something called “the dark rift” near the center of our Milky Way galaxy. You can see this image on my website, which is linked below. Once I saw this image and understood just a little bit about the Maya folklore, it became beyond a reasonable doubt that this astronomy is the focus of the calendar.

    The Triple Rebirth of the Sun

    In my essays and videos, I show how this day can be said to contain the triple rebirth of the sun. Many of you already know that the winter solstice was often considered by ancient people to be a certain type of solar rebirth since the length of the day starts to grow longer. Additionally, the daily sunrise was also considered a type of rebirth since the sun was said to be dead during the night. For the Maya, the presence of the sun in the dark rift, the Maya birth canal, was a third type of solar rebirth and the sun will be in the middle of the dark rift on this special day. The Maya picked this exact day because of BOTH the triple rebirth of the sun PLUS the special configuration of the sacred tree with the planets as described above. By the way, in my opinion, this special day is not the “end date” of the calendar; it is the first day of the new cycle, which is often written but it is sometimes written On the day that the sun is reborn three times metaphorically, the calendar itself is reborn.

    But the more important question is this: what is going to happen to us? This question is very easy, in my opinion. Nothing – besides the astronomy – is being predicted by the calendar. In my opinion, the initial intention was purely astronomical. Almost all calendars are astronomical in nature and it appears as if this is true for the Maya calendar, although in a rather spectacular way. The calendar is not being used as an alarm for danger or as time marker for a sudden upward shift in human consciousness. Yet this astronomy is being used as the basis of a timeless metaphor of rebirth. Stories and messages from ancient people all around the world are almost exclusively presented as timeless metaphors and this is no different. Later it seems that other shamans overlaid predictions onto the calendar but it is my opinion that those predictions are fundamentally false. Initially the calendar contained the only prediction that will indeed come true: the astronomy.

    By the way, consider, for example, that the Maya did not initially engage in human sacrifice and they do not do so today, but in between, they did. There were changes in the Maya culture as time moved forward. Sometimes this brought progress and sometimes it didn’t. In this way, I think the true meaning of this calendar was lost long ago. But what I offer is a reasonable presentation about what it could have been. I tie it directly and precisely to astronomy and to the culture of the ancient Maya.

    Psychedelic Shamans

    It is very important to note that this astronomy is being used as the foundation of an extremely important metaphor: transformation and rebirth. In my studies, it seems as if the subject of transformation and rebirth is indeed the favorite subject of the Maya! Transformation and rebirth, along with the astronomy of the triple rebirth of the sun, are depicted symbolically in the sacred ceremonial site of Izapa, the birthplace of the Maya Long Count calendar. But what is the core meaning of this metaphor? To understand this we need to learn about something else that is in their ceremonial site: the Bufo toad. Starting 3,000 years ago, people in Mesoamerica were using the psychedelic chemicals from the Bufo toad. I think these psychedelic experiences lead the Maya shamans to a mystical view of reality and the ultimate transformational rebirth.

    I hope that I have inspired you to look at more of my work. Here’s the link:

    I also have a book that you can read online for free:

    Mystical 2012: Did the Maya Shamans Discover a Mystical View of Reality?

  34. Shallel says:

    Happy 9th Universal Underwold everyone! 234 days till the end of time! Whoohoo!

    “…when Consciousness – which transcends time – remembers itself in time,
    time effectively ceases. We become vessels of eternal Being in time. This is what
    calendar-related concern with the End of Time is finally about.”

    (Some resources for the accelerating journey.)


    5 Caban

  35. Vince says:

    “Nonetheless, Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, the 13th generation Maya Kiche spiritual leader and head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala has this to say about the Mayan Long Count End Date:
    “We do not know the exact day when this will happen, we only know that we are getting close, which could be another fifty or hundred years from now“. (Per this email from Carl Johan Calleman dated February 11, 2011)


    Seems hard to know what Don Alejandro actually said, or otherwise different communicants are offering their own interpretations on what they hear from him.

    E.g. Mr Bernard Perona – commonly known these days as “Drunvalo Melchizedek” – says he met with Don Alejandro in 2007 and discussed the end date. From his video “The Maya of Eternal Time”, which I’ll quote without comment:

    “…Here is what Don Alejandro told me about the Mayan prophecy of 2012. First of all, he said there is a window of time around this this date, December 21st, 2012, [which] the Maya call ” the end of time”. It is about 7 or 8 years in duration. This window began, as I understand it, on October 24th, 2007. But I’ve not been told the exact date it would end. But for certain, at this moment, we are all now living in this window called “the end of time”.
    “Don Alejandro also said that the likelihood that the Mayan prophecy would begin on that date of December 21st, 2012, as most people in the world believe, is extremely unlikely. He simply said it would begin somewhere in the window of the end of time, which means any minute from now… and could begin as late as 2015. This is something that none of the prophecies that the modern world is talking about, is saying.

    [52:00 ]”….Just before October 24th, 2007, a comet named Holmes came into our solar system – a very small, fast-moving comet. No one, no scientist thought too much of this cosmic event, it was no big deal. But then on October 24th, 2007, this comet exploded and rapidly became a huge blue sphere in the sky, expanding and expanding until it became larger than the sun. It is now recorded as the largest object ever observed in our solar system.
    “And so as I understand it, when Grandfather Eric arrived back home in Hopi land, the Hopi Council met and it was agreed upon that this blue sphere was the Blue Sphere prophecy of the Hopi. It was rapdily accepted all over North and South America, and it was also accepted by the Maya as the beginning of the end of time. So this is how this came about, this period of end of time.”of the BlueBird Clan of the Hopi.”

  36. DW in Tahoe says:

    I am engaged with these ideas. I also wonder why the fed res., the ‘masters of money’ picked 12-21-2012 as the end date of their ‘charter’?

    Do they know something? Is all of this scripted?

  37. eileenH says:

    I don’t know if 2012 means anything. Right now it is hard to tell what will happen this year in fact. Rather than trying to fix a date for something we believe (since we did not come up with the Maya Calendar from our own intuition, we are probably missing parts of the puzzle-the fact they put it together for their culture specifically), I would rather see people focusing on the issues happening right away.

    It is starting to look like our culture is waning and that is probably why we are seeking solace in other’s intuitive work. But my feeling is we do have the capacity to change our own way, if we are alert enough to endeavor to do such work. We just need to have a system of thinking that works for our time and space, rather than depending on the past’s ideas.

  38. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    There is a game I play for myself. I think: Who was the first Maya? When there was more than one, which one decided that he needed a calendar and why? What were the Maya doing on the day BEFORE the calendar was carved? Will we carve it in stone or wood? Will we make it a rectangle or a circle? Was there a calendar to start from? Why that day? Why was an ‘end date’ important? The Maya had an idea of astronomy, they had observatories. When did they decide to stop following the herds and decide to plant food. Then someone had to create a sense of planting/harvesting seasons, a calendar. I think that the answers lie in the stars or people from the stars. Actually, a RETURN of people from the stars.
    Discussions like this create thought/questions. People then seek answers. Some answers are better than others. When I saw the photo of the earth from space, my perspective changed from earthly to galactic and oneness with everyone on the planet. Could the ‘end date’ be the return date of the people from the stars? Why pick a date so far in the future? Study all you want. we won’t have long to find out why. grin

    • Lia Machel says:

      Hello, I read your post and want you to know that I have written a Guidebook to the First Maya that may answer many of your questions: Time Portal: The World of the First Maya is written, compiled and illustrated. The compilations is gathered from scientists and explorers into that world, and great minds that appeared in history to help guide us into greater understanding of who they were: a first democracy, based on a religion.
      The Maya termed our Fourth World Age (after the Flood) as the Age of Strife. All the earth forces are active, as you can witness now. But the 2012 hype is just that, and the Maya never spoke about what would happen. Also, it’s the Venus Calendar that holds the true date(s), not the 2012 Moon Calendar. Maybe 50-100 years from now the end of this World Age will come. Don’t fall for the hype!
      The book will be listed online with booksellers before the end of the year. Or, go to and enter the title in the Search bar.

  39. Adam says:

    I would posit 12-21-2012 as the end date but utilyzing the calendar dynamics proferred by Dr. Calleman.. So correlating 12-21-2012 with Yellow Cosmic Sun (13:20) and then putting the template of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar over the Gregorian calendar backwards.. Or going by whatever day Dr. Callemans/Ian Lungolds view of day minus 4 from the first number to get correlating day… Have been using the Mayan calendar in this fashion since 2008 and find it to be quite informative..

    For instance: 2006 becomes the fourth day of ethics when the playing field was evened out and we find 6-6-6 (june 6th 2006) and the bombing of the Sears towers was stopped by a handful of people… Then for 2008 and the fifth day we had the Ron Paul Revolution and i would have to feel our numbers grew exponentially that year.. So to me we are in the sixth night right now and getting to the end of duality consciousness- we will not actually enter the ninth wave of unity consciousness til next year around the time of the Great Venus alignment and the positioning of the telepathic template within the Earth’s sphere… So this (2011) will be a year where ethics further gets entrenched within the consciousness of the human race..

    Peace Be Upon You

  40. Bj says:

    What about Terrence Mckennas 2012, why not this one, He came to his results completly different from those guys.

  41. Mark says:

    Ok, I’m tired of people who say, “They’ve been claiming its the end of the world since time began”, like that somehow proves that things will go on as always. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. I’ve been driving a car for over 20 years and I drive fast and reckless and people tell me that I’m going to end up dying in a car crash….those fools don’t they know that I’ve been driving this way for 20 years and haven’t died yet and people have always told me that I’d die in a car crash… by the logic of the aforementioned world-will-always-go-on’ers I have nothing to worry about while driving around recklessly. I’m not saying that I either believe in or disbelieve in the whole 2012 thing but I do know that humanity is in dire straits in more ways than is even currently being discussed by most people, in fact I sure there are some threats that no one even knows about at this point but it’s there. The one good thing is I’m not afraid of dying anymore, I’ve made peace with the idea, I suggest you do the same. And have a nice day.

  42. L. Machel says:

    Ah, the real Calendar of the Maya for prediction is the Venus Calendar. But you are all so focused on your own “zero point” configuration, to accept that the Moon Calendar is NOT the right one.
    HOWEVER, the Maya Fourth World, our own, is known to be the age of Strife, when ALL the earth elements are activated this time…notice how this matters now? This coming end time, with or without a calendar date, has already begun in our world.
    This is the conclusion they made when determining that each world age begins with the nurturing and supporting element, as the last World Age of Water did, that ended when that element became a devouring Flood. This cycle is no different.
    There were NO MAYA in 3114 B.C. and the constellations they “inherited” were the very ones they saw; it made sense that they would track their own history at the time when they could behold the cosmic dance in the night skies above them. It’s a very touching story.
    At the time of the Flood, 2345 B.C., the land mass broke apart into the continents we see today. Proven fact!
    Lia Machel, author of “TIME PORTAL: The World of the First Maya” copyright 2011

  43. Well put Lia! I’ll have to check out your book. The only way the Mayans could have calculated the precise position of all the heavenly bodies 5,100 year in the future is if they saw it or were given the information. Either way, there is time travel involved and the secret is in the 13-moon calendar. We are in day two of a ten day consecutive Galactic Activation Portal sequence. The veils are thin. Pay attention to the information coming in so that we can learn from the teachings of the ancient Maya. Regardless of their outward savagery, their souls were highly evolved and the intricate tool we have been provided is more powerful than any computer. Instead of sitting around saying ‘when is the world going to end’, rather lean into it, gather round it and let it fill your vessel. Life is a light wave. Instead of letting it crash over, you, instead of fighting the flow, instead of trying to CONTROL it, RIDE THE WAVE. It knows the way.

    • L. Machel says:

      “Jaguar Cosmic Serpent”, for that is the equivalency of your chosen wayob…to the Maya. We are on this journey, living in two worlds, as you suggest the manner in which we must travel, from there to here to there again.
      My book will be published and I will have a website soon: Time Portal: The World of the First There is so much about the Maya and who they were, where they came from, that many have not known and that I share with the reader and serious student, as researcher/philosopher/illustrator. There is a card game for imaginative play I also designed, 72 characters in the Maya lifestyle. Opening Portals for exploration and learning.
      There was no “savagery” in the early centuries of the Maya. They could never have built a wealthy and abundant civilization of City-States if they were at war, as happened in later centuries (and much publicized in our time), a time of warlords and shrinking kingdoms due to overrpopulation and vanishing resources.

      I like the way you think!

  44. michael from philly says:

    i really think the this subject is very simple, our sun and our 9 planets all revolve
    around the milkyway, every 30 thousand years, and our milky way galixy
    has a plain which spins around at some amazing amount of speed, just as earth spins around the sun, a good way to understand it is to look at the plain or circles of meters
    around jupter or is saturn, the point being the debrie is somthing we see,
    well our galixy has this same type of bebrie feild or what the mayen called the dark rift,
    we call it the plain, the last time we went past this galactic magnetic debrie feild
    was about 15,ooo yeas ago on the other side of the galixy, now we are about to
    go through the othe side that earth is now aproaching, , we will encounter
    this magnetic pulling feild –the plain, it may have so much debrie that it will hit us,
    it may not, it may just be the magnitism we have to deal with,
    we shall see, it has been proven recently that when we went through it 15ooo years ago, it cause meterors to shower earth and destroy the stone age animals ,
    there is also proof that our pols have shifted before, this could happen ,
    agian we shall see, this has happened many time the past millions of years
    and earth has survived, . man seem s to have survived , our last go around on the other side of the galixy,
    takeing a moment , and looking at the pyamids , at giza, they are a duplacate
    of the the stars in the milkyway, and they point to the date 2012 dec 21
    like a clock the point the the 13th sign, the snake holder, which is a not about evil,
    but about a person holding a snake, when someone holds a snake they are very aware , if they want to live, the snake holder is about hightened awareness and living.

    michael from philly

  45. will says:

    Theres just one thing..well no, several things over looked here..
    the end is manifoldly predicted on many different criterion, times, means. The one that fits the time frame is this galactic alignment, gravity wave lambasting followed by gamma ray deep scorching of our planet in 2012. That one is still being debated.
    The only group that, to me have any concrete credibility being NASA. They have published warnings about this event in 2012..serious warnings to prepare for disasters out of this planet’s, and peoples ability to comprehend and prepare for, now in little time. Solar Maximum.
    It’s not getting any air time via media, globalists are not exactly humane beings. The US gov advised, or ordered NASA to keep it quiet yet they published their warnings anyways. Could we expect anything else from the nice people at NASA?
    The sun is becoming more active daily, weekly , monthly. Just had another M class flare this 2 days ? More frequent..more intense, plus a pic of the rift on the sun, real? Fake ? Dunno. Its the internet right 🙂 Taken from NASA site..??
    But NASA..for them to warn us in so serious a vein, right after a nice old scientist went to the trouble of denying the 2012 end event.. is kinda freaky..
    We are to get underground shelters stock up they say for at least 3 ? years..I’m becoming a nice old man, alas not a intuitive 🙂 I got a bad feelin about this one sarge..:) NASA…oh oh..
    Now I’m as ready as I will ever be. If it isn’t over in 6 months start to finish then for me that’s the end of the grocery. Have to haul water at night. Have to survive what ever human disasters are lurking around’s about a mile to the river, and who knows what will be floating in it ??
    Power grid is going to go down for maybe 25 years..think about that. Forget Mayan calendar, look at your own calendar, about 8 months to solar maximum.
    Are you ready for the credible threats we face or resigned to party hardy till the gravity wave creates a geological tsunami and tears the planet apart and then sterilizes it with gamma radiation. ? Now that’s something to worry about..something real, something scientifically warned about by a very credible source..NASA
    There will be smoke, and fire, droughts, tornadoes, high winds up to 350 mph. Think about that. No crops. No computers unless shielded with Faraday cages if theres any power generation. NO satellites eye balling for enemy missiles. A lot of No’s. Ready ? Might be a good idea to try to tip off your families and friends and neighbors.. go to NASA site and read the warning if it’s still there not censored by you know who..:) Your friendly Federal Govt..your benevolent State Govt. Why even the POPE will placate GOD for you. He’s covered. The aforementioned are covered in bunkers you PAID for..where you going to survive.. they won’t let the lowly tax payer in those bunkers. 🙂 Me ? Cynical ? Naw. I’ve been watching them for 63 years..
    So thats something to really look at. Not a bunch of DVD marketing capitalists..magnetosphere is degenerating..poles already wobbling out of norms.
    But worries. :0) Right ? Nothing to worry about..what does NASA know that you don’t know better right? You’re all genius’s..:0) that lawn grass you eat pretty good tasting ? Oh and that radiation floating around the planet, surging in sanguine seas.. it will kill you too. I don’t know what sanguine means it just sounds so fecking cool. 🙂 Don’t come sneakin round my back door..DO NOT :0) unless you are bullet proof.:0) Oh..geez..I forgot you all are the choir :0) so used to posting on zombie sites..well pass it on verbatim then.. ya..NAU..oh that will be great..Mexico coming to visit..Madra Kevlar..:0) Canada..the war of 1812 starts in earnest soon..forget NAFTA..this is over run..out gunned, out thought, surrounded and run off your own lands..500,000,000 to 33,000,000 ..oh crap..water gone..privatized..corporate Nazis..see there’s plenty to worry about..I surrender..can’t beat those odds..nope..skewered.:) Thanks dickless moron. Thanks to all you generations of owned political whores sold us out.:( You will never leave your bunker tombs, pay back is beetch.. and we doan need no feckin badges..!!
    The world will end in 15 seconds…14 … 13… 12…:0)

  46. Being the snake there are many messages coming in at this time about doomsday and the cycles of the sun and resulting earthquakes (there was a CME on March 7th just before the earthquake in Japan). We speak of the physical realm as if it were real instead of the dream. We have made this collectively in our own manifestors. Our souls have contracted for this yet our physical manifestation is threatened by it. It’s all part of the game. When whatever happens to this physical plane happens, we will simply wake up . . . and begin again. We will make a new planet or Universe . . . we may be blue and 7 feet tall. Whatever it is that happens will be the product of our thoughts so we can choose the dramatic, scary way (the nightmare), or we can choose to stand in awe of the magnificent event we have created for the shear experience of it. Cosmic Serpent

  47. L. Machel says:

    Cosmic Furry Serpent, How I like to play with your name, lol.
    Being the serpent, as you say, you must also be aware of the double helix, Cadeucus, as the emblem of healing the world over. Yes, the Maya also honored their double serpent as healer in their rituals. Did they know about DNA? You betcha. Did they know about the “serpent seed” and the creation of an alternative race of mankind?
    No doubt about it.
    Word got around in those first centuries of world travel, as Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Polynesians, Hebrews and Phoenicians found their way to the Land of the Maya.
    The end of the last world age, the Third, came with the world Flood in 2345 B.C.. Much was saved, and unburied, conferring knowledge of civilization and its keys
    to those who survived, and to their descendants…our in-common ancestors.
    This and much more to surprise you in my coming book.
    Will we become the “new Maya”?

  48. Mark says:

    hmmm…so the sun is now emitting an unknown particle that is effecting all matter on earth. I’m sure it is nothing to worry about though. Have a wonderful day as you munch on seafood from the Gulf and why not take a trip to Japan, it’s wonderful this time of year. The cherry blosoms are blooming.

    • Pyrrho says:

      Japan is a good destination at the moment. Why wait untill you get cancer to be radiated. Japan is offering a free preventive dose at present, but don’t you all rush now, it will be available for a loooong time to come, unless the new Sun particles decrease its half-life considerably.

  49. Dan says:

    “so the sun is now emitting an unknown particle that is effecting all matter on earth. I’m sure it is nothing to worry about though.”

    Mark is is worrisome to a degree but what can we do about it?

  50. How do we know this isn’t the Universe giving us homeopathic doses to prepare us for the evolution of our species? The people of Japan have extremely high content of mercury in their bodies . . . many times the safe limit because they eat a lot of fish. But they have no symptoms because they also eat a lot of seaweed and kelp and nori which contains iodine. Is it coincidence that this radiation is concentrated at its highest level in Japan where iodine is also the cure for radiation poisoning? Don’t react; observe and trust that only the proper thing can happen. The World is what we make it so don’t make it out to be doomsday or that is what it will become. Look to the light . . . it’s just beyond the rainbow bridge.

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