Cosmic Convergence 2012 is a primer for the meteoric changes that are right around the corner of the temporal junction point known as 2012.

As we move through the final phase of the Galactic Creation Cycle of the Mayan Calendar, we can expect the most profound and fundamental earth changes of the era. Conversely, we can anticipate equally consequential societal changes which will translate to unparalleled political, economic and social revolution across the globe.   Truly, tectonic movements will shake the foundations in every sphere of life.

Although we face what no one has faced before as a global population, the world community has been given all that it needs to prepare for the challenges which are about to commence.  We all possess, individually and collectively, what it takes to rise to the occasion of this long-awaited and glorious “Shift of the Ages”.

2012 is NOW, so why not prepare yourself, your families, your neighborhoods, cities and counties, states and nations for the eventualities which are about to manifest with awesome speed and spectacle.

The unprecedented transformation of individual and planetary consciousness, which will continue to evolve at a pace both unseen and unforeseen, will serve to level the playing field everywhere and anywhere there is civilization .  Therefore, you may just be the ONE who everyone has been waiting for in your neck of the woods.

“If not you, then who.
If not here, then where.
If not now, then when.”

A few things to remember as this cosmic drama begins to unfold in unexpected and astonishing ways.  
I. Everything has its very own perfection – our place, our time, our hearth and home, our relationships, our jobs and financial affairs, our health and state of mind/emotions … even our busy schedules and competing demands – it’s all perfect even in the seeming chaos and relentless flux around us.
II. Everything – repeat, EVERYTHING – happens for the best … everywhere, all the time, without exception.

III. Therefore – Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – as there is nothing that can possibly go wrong.

As long as we seize the day, riding out the wave of 2012 can be achieved with grace, courage and self-mastery.  And not without a few sighs of relief and exhilaration, as the galactic waves of Cosmic Convergence 2012 continue to wash over Mother Earth.

Let’s get busy, and wax that surfboard~


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  1. Ride this unprecedented cosmic wave of transformation with SOULar Power to experience least resistance, stress and fear. Unite mind and heart intelligence now, to awaken consciously within and re-member Body Mind Soul Unconditional Love is the only true Power, to liberate what we require moment to moment during this quantum leap in conscious EVOLution. Follow inner guidance. Stay in your heart.

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